Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week in Review #1

Week In Review #1

NOTE: Since this is the 1st update of it's kind, this is going to cover the melts over 2 weeks ^_^. After today though I'll post these every Saturday reporting my melts of the week <3.

Kim's Tarts
Peeps - A very soft/sweet marshmallow scent. The throw was OK for a bedroom, I imagine it would have trouble in a larger room!
Butt Naked - Lovely and strong melon/tropical scent! I will be reordering this one!
Dirty Dancing - To me this smelled like cologne and cigarette smoke. I could only stand this one for a few minutes before I quickly gave up on it =(.

Haley's Heavenly Scents
Pink Sands - This had a sort of sharp "green" note on the cold scent that I wasn't sure about, but when this baby was warmed it was AH-mazing! I love this and I'm so glad I have it in a 6 pk! It's not an exact dupe for Yankee but it's very close.
Dream Angels - LOVELY! I adore this scent. It smells just like the VS perfume and has a great throw!

Ocean Water - This one was a bit strong for me, but a wonderful fresh scent nonetheless with great throwing power.
Beach Wood - I liked this scent, it had a nice throw and it was masculine . . . but to me it had a slight "sour" note in it that I wasn't too fond of.
Vanilla Caramel - I'm disappointed I only bought 3 of these . . . the throw is a bit light but the scent is WONDERFUL. Smells like super sweet caramel squares <3. If I get back to Yankee before the SAS is over I would like to score some more of these for sure!
Pink Dragon Fruit: OMG! I am going to have to go back to yankee and hoard this baby! I ADORE this scent!!! It's strong, fruity and oh so perfect in every way! Way to go Yankee!

Front Porch
Funnel Cake: A very sweet bakery scent. I really enjoyed this one. It did have a light throw though so it's great for a bedroom.

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  1. Kims Peeps has a major problem in a large room. I could not get any throw from that one, but it smelled amazing cold.