Thursday, May 31, 2012

Front Porch Tarts!

Hello Wax Lovers <3.

I realize I haven't posted about  Front Porch Tarts yet! This was actually the 1st tart vendor I've ever tried (even before Yankee!). This was the START of my tart obsession. (The wax obsession began with Slatkin though :-P but that's a completely different blog entry!).

The company is owned by a lovely lady by the name of Angie. Her customer service is top notch and of course her products are high quality. She is a "Ready-to-Ship" vendor so she updates her website on Saturday nights (sometimes on Mondays depending on her schedule) with new stock. Her Facebook page is always very alive before stock is added as everyone tends to wait until that day to order, and boy is it a feeding frenzy! Stock flies so if you want to order I recommend frequenting her FB page on a Saturday evening. Everyone who posts there is very friendly and Angie posts status updates often as well as contests!

Also, her singles (1oz tarts) go for $1.75 and her 4 packs go for $4.75. She also adds sampler packs of 8 tarts for $8.75, these are great to try if you are not sure where to start! I've ordered 3 of her samplers, "Summer Nights", "Marshmallow Sampler", and "Vanilla Sampler". Shipping is ALWAYS FREE and you get a free 4-pack of tarts with a $25 purchase!

Just a little background: I burn all my tarts in a ceramic warmer in my bed room (I live at my mom's, so I keep my wax addiction limited to my space. I move out in a month for graduate school though, can't wait!!!). Also, I'm a fresh/fruity/floral/sweet fan, so those scents will of course get better reviews <3. That's just personal preference of course! I like some bakery scents, but not a lot, so bare that in mind and always be open to forming your own opinions <3. Mine are here for fun and because I love to share!

I have ordered from her several times so instead of posting any kind of "haul" I'm just going to review the scents I've actually melted <3.

Cactus and Sea Salt: This is a great FRESH scent. It has the refreshing watery/green notes from the cactus and that salty, island note from the "sea salt". This is also a very strong tart (but not overwhelming). It will fill up any room no problem!!!
Marshmallow Cake: This tart did very well where throw is concerned, but I wasn't a fan of the "cake" note. I like sweet scents, but I'm not a bakery lover. If you like cake scents though I highly recommend this!
Love Spell: LOVE Angie's version of Love Spell (VS) <3.
Lemon Cookies: My favorite lemon scent. It is a bakery scent but it's one I don't mind because I adore lemon cookies in real life! This scent is spot on. If you like "Lemon Vanilla" by Bath and Body Works, you'll love this!
Pink Sugar: I love Pink Sugar <3. Burns well, throws well. This is soft and perfect for a bedroom.
Apple Mango Tango: She did a great job with this one, it's just too strong for me. I burn all my tarts in my bedroom and this one was just too much. I would recommend this for a large room! I actually ended up putting a whole tart (unmelted) in the bathroom and it scented it for weeks on its own!
Copper Sun Tan: Love this scent, so strong and beachy! Reminds me of sunscreen, sand, and sun!
Cotton Candy:  Cotton Candy scents are my favorite! This one was just a little light on the throw =(.
Flip Flops: If you like coconut, you will like this summery scent. I used to LOVE coconut scents, but I think something has changed in my sense of smell and I just don't like it like I used to (depressing).
Mimosa and Mandarin: One of my FAVORITES! I actually need to order a 4 pack in this soon because it was THAT good! Sweet mandarin with that effervescent champagne note <3.
Snuggling Under the Stars: Another one I REALLY love. This one smells similar to "Blue Sugar" in my opinion. Very warm/sweet scent! This is another I probably need to re order soon!
Tropical Island:  Nice blend of tropical fruits. I could smell the pineapples most of all out of this one. Not my favorite, but nice nonetheless. Fans of pineapple should try this!!!

I think that's all I've melted to date, but I have a whole basket full of new scents to get through! I'll make sure to post a "Part II" for this company in the near future as I make a dent in my stash <3.

Thanks again Angie for not only starting my tart obsession but providing awesome scents and quality product!

The Waxinista

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