Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1st Yankee Purchase EVER!

Hello fellow wax addicts!

So I had an awful day at work last night, but when I woke up this morning I had a lovely e-mail from The Yankee Candle Company! I recently signed up for their mailing list and today I received the coveted "$10 off $25 purchase" coupon! My nearest Yankee Candle is about 10 miles away, but I decided to make the trek over there today <3.

I went in there intending to buy just 13 tarts that way I could get the most bang for my buck . . . but I ended up getting 18 different scents because I just couldn't decide!!!
Behold the product of my 1st Yankee Candle purchase . . . 
I'm a fruity/beachy/floral/perfumy type girl. I really don't like bakery or fall scents, so I CAN'T WAIT until Yankee's SAS because I will totally take advantage of the clearance summer scents!!!
I will make sure to review these as I burn them, but here is a quick cold review on each:

Meadow Showers: Smells like a green/floral soap.
Sun & Sand: Sunscreen, Salt and Sand . . . the perfect beach scent!
Honeydew Melon: So SWEET and fruity, Love it!
Fruit Fusion: Lemons, Oranges,and Limes OH MY!
Pink Dragon Fruit: This smells like sweet, tropical red berries. I can't wait to warm this one up!
Pink Sand: Sweet fruity floral.
Mango Peach Salsa: YUM, smells just how it sounds. A perfect blend of Peach and Mango.
Wild Passion Fruit: Tropical fruity scent, Love it!
Midsummer's Night: AKA "Sexy Man"
Beach Wood: This one is very light, so I'm not quite sure until I melt it!
Midnight Oasis: AKA "Sexy Man v2.0"
Cottage Breeze: Potentially my favorite, this is a clean, fresh spring scent. I love it!
White Gardenia: Just how it sounds <3
Storm Watch: To me it smells like a green floral . . . like fresh carnations.
Tahitian Tiare Flower: Light tropical floral.
Ocean Water: This is going to sound strange but it smells like a summery scent with a touch of balsam. I really need to warm this one up to see what it smells like.
Over the River: Clean fresh scent, I'll need to warm it to better describe it I think.
Beach Walk: Fresh floral.

I can't wait to review how these perform and decide which ones are my favorites! Stay tuned <3. 

Your Truly,
The Waxinista 

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