Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shayz Scentz Haul and Cold Review!

Hello Fellow Wax Lovers!

So I've been fighting off a bad case of bronchitis, needless to say I haven't been melting anything. To make matters worse I've received several orders during that time! Do you know how awful it is to have 3 wax orders arrive and not be able to do anything with them?! That is soon to change, I promise! 
As I melt I will be updating with scent and vendor reviews!

So without further ado I'll start off with my Shayz Scentz order! This vendor was not only very nice but super FAST too! I ordered this on Sunday and I think I had it by Thursday or Friday <3. I was very pleased!
I got a few free samples in this order as well as free shipping. I spent $23. I ordered the following . . .
NOTE: (All reviews are based on cold sniff only unless otherwise noted. More accurate reviews will be posted as I warm them <3 Stay Tuned!!!)

Single Sunny Tart (New Scent Samples, $0.50/each)
DRAGONS BLOOD - Incense. This smells just like a head shop. Nice and strong. ABERCROMBIE FITCH - I've never smelled the original, so I'm not sure, but it is a nice masculine scent
HIMALAYAN BAMBOO - So fresh! Makes me think of the mountains <3.
PINK SUNNY SAND - Like Sunny Sand, but toned down a bit by the Pink Sugar note. 
SUNNY SAND - Nice beachy scent . . . similar to Yankee Sun n Sand, but not a dupe. 
ZUCCHINI MACAROON - Delish, my first zucchini blend. I will def need to explore these blends some more!
TEA AND GINGER - Herbal scent. Not sure how to describe it, but I do like it!
AMISH BREAD - sweet, nutty bakery scent. Love it!
FRUITY SLICES - Just what the name implies. I can smell oranges, melons and other fruity notes <3. 

Flower Tart, Single $0.95
SERENDIPITY - I have melted this. I didn't like it, but that's just preference. It was strong and had a great throw. The scent is described as:     
     I thought it smelled like one of those blue twist top squeezie drinks . . . do you know what I'm talking about?
     I recommend you try it if you like strong fruity scents . . . it just wasn't for me =(. 

VS Dupes (2 pk Sunny Tarts, $1.25)
SWEET TEMPTATIONS - Smells nice, slightly fruity. I have never smelled the original.
PURE SEDUCTION - Not a perfect dupe, but it smells nice cold.
FOREVER ROMANCE - Not sure on the cold sniff. 
ENDLESS LOVE - I've never smelled the original, but this is VERY strong. I will need to melt it before deciding.
VERY SEXY FOR HER - LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is such a great dupe, even if it's not perfect it's still a lovely feminine scent. Def a keeper!
PINK - Not sure it smells exactly like pink. It is a nice perfume scent and I'll def have to warm it!
LOVE SPELL - a good dupe. I think I prefer Front Porch's version, but still nice. 

Scent Shots (5, 2oz cups for $4.50)
SEA BREEZE - Fresh ocean scent
WARM PINK VANILLA SUGAR - LOVE THIS ONE!!!!! Just as the name implies . . . such a sweet cozy scent. This is possibly my favorite!
COCONUT - As the name implies, nice sweet coconut scent. 
FLIP FLOPPERS - Not sure how to describe it, tropical blend of coconut and vanilla. 
HAWAIIAN BREEZE - OK tropical blend. 
PINK COCONUT VERBENA - Nice balance of all the notes, not overwhelming. I like this one!
PINK DREAMS - a nice soft, relaxing scent! Not overwhelming, perfect for night time.
PINK LAVENDER SUPREME - UNIQUE! Very relaxing blend of lavender, pink sugar and herbs. Must try!
PINK MARSHMALLOWS - Lovely, just lovely!!! Sweet fluffy pink marshmallows!
CARAMELIZED PRALINES -  AMAZING! This scent is lovely, a perfect blend of caramel and pralines.

Free Samples (single sunny tart)
Minty Pink: Smells just like Slakin's Marshmallow Peppermint
Pumpkin Crunch Cookies: DELICIOUS! I just want to take a bite! Not overly sweet.
Pink Toastie Marshmallow: Just like it sounds, but almost smells like it has some lemon in there too. I like it =).

Closing Thoughts:
     I really liked my order from SS. The value was great and so far the scents seem great as well. I will post an update on how well these tarts preform of course!

The winners in this order are:
Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar
Amish Bread
Caramelized Pralines
Very Sexy
Pink Marshmallow
Pink Lavender Supreme
Himalayan Bamboo
Pumpkin Crunch Cookies

I already have another wish list so I will be ordering again!!!

The Waxinista

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