Thursday, May 31, 2012

Haley's Heavenly Scents Haul/Review

Hello Wax Fans!

I recived my Haley's Heavenly Scents order a couple of weeks ago. I ordered on May 13th and I recieved the order on May 24th, so it was about 8 business days from payment to my door, not bad! The owner of this company is named Janet and her customer service was wonderful. A neat side note, the web site is dedicted to her granddaughter who passed of SIDS, so a percentage of every order goes to that charity (makes me feel a little better about my wax addiction, haha)!
I paid $25.20 and that included free shipping and 2 free 6 packs of my choice! Also, she has 2 "Scents of the Month" that she sells at a discount. This month the scents were Pink Sands and Pink Lemonade. A 6 pack was $3.25 ($4.50, full price), and a single 2oz cup was $0.75 ($1.10 normally).

Pink Sands (6pk Scent of the month): Cold, this has a heavy "green" note in it that I didn't like at all. After I warmed this up the green note seemed to fade and the familiar Yankee scent began to come out. I would say this is a great dupe, the cold scent just threw me off at first.
Dream Angels (6pk freebie): This is another great dupe (VS) that really comes to life when it's warmed. I will def re order this scent!
Pink Cotton Candy (6pk freebie): I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Yummy strawberry cotton candy with pink sugar. This is a winner!
Pink Lemonade (6pk Scent of the Month): Dead on! Perfect summer scent!

2oz Scent Shots:
Indian Summer: Lovely blend of citrus, mostly orange with a touch of pineapple, peach and apple. One of my favorites from this order!
Light Blue (DG dupe): I've never smelled the original but I LOVE this. It's a light perfume scent, the type you might smell out of a magazine page. Not overwealming like most perfume scents.
Birds of Paradise: I will reorder this one! It smells like Clinique Happy and Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers got together and made a perfume love child! Wonderful!
Battle of the Sexes: Perfect blend of Pink Sugar and Blue Sugar. Love it!!!
Aquoline Pink Sugar: Great Dupe! One of my fav scents <3.
Absolutely Fab Cake: Disclaimer, I'm not the biggest fan of bakery scents, so remember this is only my opinion =). I smell some chocolate and vanilla but it's a very bittersweet scent, like plain cake without the frosting. Not my fav.
Blue Cotton Candy: Not sure on the cold sniff, I'll report back after melting!
Chicks Dig It: STRONG! This one is TOO strong for me, it's a smack of effervescent cherries to the face.
Beautiful: This is a perfume dupe. I've never smelled the original, but I like it, it's soft.

Coconut: Just how it sounds =).
Coconut Hibuscus: The above with a touch of floral.
Madam President: This is going to sound CRAZY, but this smells like a rental car to me =). I say that as a good thing. It's very gender neutral.
Coconut Extreme: Smells like coconut with a touch of vanilla.

Caramel Coconut Cake: Just how it sounds, sweet caramel with a bakery note and a touch of coconut.
Pineapple Orchid: Very well done Slatkin Dupe =).
Coconut Cotton Candy: Not sure on the cold sniff, will report after I warm this one!
Sunflower: Smells kinda like a cleaner. Not bad, but I'll def have to see how it does on the warmer.
Exotic Coconut: Very tropical, almost like a pina colada.

Top Choices
Indian Summer
Light Blue
Birds of Paradise
Battle of the Sexes
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink Lemonade
Pink Sands
Dream Angels

Over all Haley's Heavenly Scents had GREAT customer service, a reasonable TAT and quality product. I have a wish list of re order products that I'll place after my big move in July. I'm trying not to go over board on my orders because whatever I don't use I'll have to move along with me . . . and I'm sure you all know what a pain moving is, especially Cross-Country!!!

Sincerely Yours,
The Waxinista

P.S. Today my Kim's Tarts order arrives so look out for that post soon!!!

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