Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Sales!

Hello fellow Waxinistas!

I'm guilty, I confess! I was on a wax buying freeze . . . but I caved!!! BuggyTown Candle Co. and Olde Primitive Treasures had some great Memorial Day Sales and I couldn't resist :-P.

BuggyTown had scent shot samplers on sale 10 2oz cups for $12, $10 off a $30 order and Free Shipping! I ordered 2 samplers and some single shots, I ended up spending $21 for 24 2oz tart cups <3.

Olde Prim Treasures had a big BOGO sale. Sadly there was no free shipping (I really dislike paying for shipping), but she had a lot of unique scents I wanted to try . . . so I went for it anyway! I bought 23 single scallops (really doubles since it was BOGO), for $1 each, plus $6.95 shipping . . . so my total order was $29.95 for 46 tarts!

I'll make sure to list all the scents I order as well as review them when they arrive. I have a Haley's Heavenly Scents order I still need to review (comimg soon!) and my Kim's Tarts order is in transit so I should have it in a few days!!! Lots of exciting hauls to come, so stay tuned!

Tonight I'm burning Shayz Scentz Zucchini Macaroon . . . boy do I LOVE this scent <3.

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