Monday, May 21, 2012


Welcome friends and fellow wax lovers!

Have a seat while I warm a tart in your honor. Let us chat about the newest trends in home fragrance and let me share with you what I think!

I've stumbled upon some really cute and helpful blogs about home fragrance, it just occurred to me, why not share my opinions? I've got quite the collection forming and the blogs and videos of others have helped me decide which new scents and companies to try; so why not Pay It Forward?! This will be my little experiment, so please enjoy. Just remember everyone's taste (or shall I say sense of smell) is different, so take my reviews with a grain of salt and of course form your own opinions <3.

Comments, Feedback and Discussion are always welcome. I only ask that you practice common courtesy with your fellow Cyber Waxinistas!

Again Welcome!

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