Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week In Review #2


So I believe this post is a little overdue, but I haven't been melting much these past couple of weeks. I've been so busy working and packing (T minus 2 weeks until the BIG move <3), that melting has kinda become an afterthought *gasp*. I really need to make a dent in my stash though, so I'll be picking up the pace for sure! Here is what I've melted since my last "Week in Review".

Kim's Tarts
Faerie Dust - Very light powdery/fruity tart. It had the potential to be nice if it wasn't so darned light.

Shayz Scentz
Pure Seduction - Very nice Dupe (red plum scent). This one started out strong but didn't last very long . . . after the first tea light I noticed a significant change in the throw. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though since her tarts are smaller than most. This is also a plus if you get bored of your tarts often and don't like saving melted tarts . . . this one is quick and noncommittal.

Haley's Heavenly Scents
Pink Lemonade - STRONG! I used a whole scallop in my bedroom and that was a mistake. I will be cutting these babies in halves or thirds from now on! Very nice sweet/tart lemonade scent <3.

Olde Primitive Treasures
Sweet Iced Tea - Yum, more perfumy than herbal but I REALLY liked this one. It is on the lighter side so I would only recommend this one for bedrooms/bathrooms/other small rooms.
Starfruit & Mango - Strong and Lasts! This one is a trooper for sure. It smells like tropical candy to me.

That's all for now! I'm long overdue on my haul posts for Kim's Tarts, Eagle Rock Candle Co., Buggytown and Olde Primitive Treasures! I'll make sure to update those ASAP! <3.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Yours Truly,
The Waxinista

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